Services to meet your needs

We specialize in Crude Oil Transportation. We currently service Oklahoma and North Texas. We have covered as many as 5 states and would be happy to visit with you about your transportation needs, no matter the location!

Real Time Tracking

Live Load Tracking.
Immediate Transmission of Tickets/Reporting.
Customer Portals for load tracking and retrieving tickets and reports as needed.

Safety = Quality

Guardian strives each day to better the safety of our working environment. We take pride in minimizing and preventing accidents through our strict safety program.

Full time HSE Manager. Certified H2S Instructor. Certified Safeland Instructor. Cameras in Every Truck. Monthly Safety Meetings.

Crude Oil Standards

Guardian specializes in crude oil transportation. We take pride in what we do and require each driver to prove they are knowledgeable in API standards.

One day orientation in office covering API Standards including a measurement class. Two-week driver training on API Standards. Random spot checks on all trucks to ensure our drivers maintain quality product. Four Field supervisors to assist with all field issues and questions.